Austrian State Printing House wins contract for the Principality of Andorra’s e-passport

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The Austrian State Printing House (OSD) has been awarded the contract for the production of the new biometric security passport for the Principality of Andorra together with its partner company Pangea. The Vienna-based high-security company OSD will also implement a fully comprehensive ID management solution that includes citizen enrolment, personalization of security documents and a public key infrastructure, all of … Read More

Even at home: your passport as trustworthy companion

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Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, many passports stayed home together with their owners. During this time, many passports reached their respective date of expiry and are no longer valid – often without the knowing of their owners. “Last year, about 1 million passports lost their validity and didn’t get renewed. Due to this, many Austrian citizens don’t possess … Read More