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The compact alternative to paper registrations

Scheckkartenzulassungsschein Vorderseite schraegThe car registration certificate has become a modern chip card with a contact-based chip.

This compact and robust format is not only an ideal alternative to the paper registration certificate but also a pioneer in terms of security in the EU.

The card registration certificate meets all current EU directives and impresses with state-of-the-art security features, such as a unique element with an uncopiable grid structure, multicolour UV printing and a specific image resolution technique throughout the background.

Compact companion by your side

Ein Zulassungsschein wird in eine Geldbörse gestecktThe vehicle and its registration data are all stored on the integrated chip and protected by digital signature. All important information such as the owner, license plate number, address, permissible weights, and other essential control data are printed on the car registration certificate for visual controls. All additional data is stored on the chip and can be retrieved by police, automotive clubs and garages. The chip data can be easily read with any standard reader. The Austrian State Printing House provides a free "Reader Application" at for this purpose.

In addition to excellent security, the car registration certificate impresses with its practical format, precisely the size of a driver's license. This makes it six times smaller than the traditional paper registration certificate, significantly saving space in a person’s wallet. In addition, the best part: Applying for it is straightforward and fast at any insurance and registration office.

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