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Over 200 years of experience

  • 1804Foundation

    Emperor Franz I founded by decree the "k. k. Hof- und Staatsdruckerey". The company soon acquired an excellent reputation as a "University of Graphic Arts".
  • 1850Stamps

    the "Hof- und Staatsdruckerey" began producing stamps. This established its internationally recognized high standard of printing technology.
  • 1918Austrian State Printing House

    After the collapse of the monarchy, the "k. k. Hof- und Staatsdruckerey" became the Austrian State Printing House.
  • 1938National Socialism

    Between 1938 and 1945, the national socialist rulers renamed the company "Staatsdruckerei Wien".
  • 1997Public limited company

    Under Federal Chancellor Franz Vranitzky, the Staatsdruckerei was transformed into a public limited company with the aim of privatization.
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  • 2000Privatization

    the government resolution from 1997 was implemented by ÖIAG. As a private company, the Austrian State Printing House has since been able to react more quickly to new challenges. The legally anchored controls ensure the secure protection of citizens' data as well as correct and tight pricing.
  • 2001Security

    The events of 9/11 also made it clear to the general public that security is a key challenge for the future and requires corresponding investment.
  • 2002Relocation

    the company moved to the headquarter facility at Tenschertstrasse 7, Vienna 23.
  • 2006Security passport

    the Austrian State Printing House demonstrated its competence as a high-security company with the introduction of the security passport with chip. In the same year, the customer-friendly driving license in credit card format was also introduced.
  • 2009Fingerprint

    This was followed by the introduction of the security passport with fingerprint. The Austrian State Printing House is intensively involved in identification and authentication procedures.
  • 2010Science & Research

    the Austrian State Printing House opened its research and quality center. The scientifically based examination of security in the digital world is becoming increasingly important in the company.
  • 2011Biometrics & stock market

    The Austrian State Printing House launches the vehicle registration in card format. It also introduces the biometric residence permit with chip. As a consequence of its economic development, "Österreichische Staatsdruckerei Holding AG" enlisted on the Vienna Stock Exchange in November 11, 2011.
  • 2012Employee participation

    The Austrian State Printing House gives its employees a stake in the company - the OSD employee foundation acquires 4.9% of Staatsdruckerei Holding AG.
  • 2014International

    The company produces identity documents and security products for customers on five continents.
  • 2015Digital security

    The Austrian State Printing House has the highest level of expertise in handling sensitive data and processes. "Digital security" is a core topic of it's further development. OSD develops innovative, highly secure solutions for secure digital identity. In November 2015, it presented the first digital ID system "MIA" (My Identity App). It integrates all ID documents in one app. (
  • 2016My Identity Check

    OSD was well prepared for the legal approval of video identification procedures in Austria. With "MICK" (My Identity Check), it provided the market with a highly secure video identification procedure.
  • 2017youniqx Identity AG

    Founding of the sister company youniqx Identity AG. youniqx Identity AG is responsible for the electronic identity (eID) business and related digital identity developmend within the OSD Group. During the interoperability test for machine-readable documents (e.g. passports or residence permits) at the EU Commission's Joint Research Center, the Austrian State Printing House once again underlined its leading international position in the field of secure identity documents. Österreichische Staatsdruckerei received a major international order for ID documents (worth ten million euros).
  • 2018electronic identities

    With state-of-the-art high-tech, the Austrian State Printing House is consolidating its reputation as one of the world's most secure passport manufacturers. Presentation of the Living Standard Award 2018 for the OSD. Austrian expertise is gaining international acceptance: With the "My Identity App" (MIA), OSD has developed an innovative solution that makes digital ID cards and electronic identity (eID) securely accessible worldwide via mobile phone.
  • 2019215 years

    The company celebrated its 215th anniversary. Commissioning of the company to produce all documents for the EU elections (7.9 million ballot papers and 1.4 million voting cards). This contract was put out to tender across Europe in 2016. Decision to award the contract for Austrian identity and ID documents, which was put out to tender throughout Europe, to the OSD. With the award of the contract, the entire production and personalization of Austrian identity and ID documents will continue to take place in the high-security area of Staatsdruckerei.

    Austrian State Printing House implements electronic ID for Liechtenstein. The contract for a Liechtenstein eID was awarded to European Trust Service GmbH, a joint venture between Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH and CRYPTAS International GmbH." was developed by the OSD digital subsidiary youniqx Identity AG. In the same year, OSD delists from the Vienna stock exchange as of 13.03.2020.
  • 2021New ID card with Digital Verification App

    The new generation of Austrian identity cards is launched. The new identity card includes the chip for biometric data, familiar from passports, and a variety of new security features, including a personalized QR code. The QR code can be easily verified using the free smartphone app "CHECK-AT," developed by "youniqx Identity."
  • 2022New Emergency Passport & updated ePassport

    The Austrian emergency passport debuts with a completely renewed design. Simultaneously, the existing passport undergoes a revision, adding an enhanced security feature with laser image perforation.
  • 2022Launch of "eID App" & Digital Driver's License

    "youniqx Identity," commissioned by the Federal Computing Center (Bundesrechenzentrum), develops Austria's new digital identity wallet "eAusweise" along with the associated verification app "eAusweise Check." Additionally, it also develops the digital driver's license included in "eAusweise". Thus, "youniqx Identity" provides a central component of the new digital IDs for millions of Austrian citizens - making digital identity become reality.
  • 2023Nationwide Health App Launches in Ghana

    The health app "MyNHIS," developed by OSD, launches in the Republic of Ghana. This app offers the entire population easy access to the key healthcare services of health authorities.
  • 2023The Next Generation of Austrian passports

    The new generation of Austrian e-passports is launched. The new passport boasts a completely redesigned look and incorporates state-of-the-art security features such as a polycarbonate data page, multiple personalization options through portrait pictures, and a personalized QR code. "youniqx Identity" develops and enhances the existing "CHECK-AT" app, which can now also verify the new passport.