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Secure identity documents are more important than ever for nation-states, institutions, and individuals for the delivery of government services and conduct of secure commercial business. Our range of products and services includes the design and production highly secure identity documents such as national ID cards, passports with the associated state-of-the-art personalization equipment of these documents incorporating the latest in biometric technology and AI.

Our customers are in the center of our design and production process. We want the bearers of our documents very familiar and comfortable with the documents we produce for them. So from the initial design to the final travel document, our customers are involved.

With the use of both independent and complimentary apps the Austrian State Printing House offers a fully integrated process, from cutting-edge national ID cards, passports to visa documents and temporary identification credentials, ensuring that identities are efficiently managed and protected and fraud and theft.  Our process commence with a secured and controlled material storage up to a quality assured production process and a high security on-site personalisation confirming us as one of the very few organisations that is both vertically and horizontally integrated . This way, we ensure the best possible quality for each individual product and a seamless end-to-end process

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