Universal eHealth Coverage-App (UHC)

African mother with child at the doctorThe "Universal Health Coverage"-App (UHC) by OSD is a modern eHealth solution that transforms current healthcare systems into a modern, digital and fraud-resistant healthcare scheme to better service its citizens. With remote onboarding and mobile payment options – even from outside the country - , UHC provides access to healthcare services for everyone, particularly for those living in rural or remote areas. More insured members and better coordination of care services lead to improved health outcomes, reduced healthcare costs and a better fraud control for governments.

Proven solutions with satisfied customers

At the end of 2022, the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) of the Republic of Ghana launched Austrian State Printing Houses’ (OSD) “Shelter” solution as “MyNHIS” application for all citizens of Ghana. Offering a simple way to access the national healthcare insurance scheme (“NHIS”), the “MyNHIS” app is considered a significant improvement for general health coverage across the nation.

For more information, visit OSDs press release concerning "MyNHIS":

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