Visa: Security in a fast-moving world

OSD International VisasDespite the temporary travel restrictions due to pandemics or security concerns, international travel and cross-border migration are indispensable in our interconnected world. The downsides involve illegal immigration and identity fraud, which can be linked to criminal or even terrorist activities. Because a much travelled world requires enhanced security, OSD offers secure visas and residence permits and the accompanying issuing systems essential to prove legal stay in a country.

Flexible visa solutions

Visa Specimen InternationalThe Austrian State Printing House has developed solutions for visas, eVisas,  visa on arrival and emergency visas. Travellers can pre-register for a visa online before being issued a tamper-proof visa with a colour photo and MRZ (machine-readable zone), allowing for clear identification. Unauthorized removal of the visa label results in its destruction, rendering it unusable for criminals and counterfeiters.

As a certified high-security printer, the Austrian State Printing House produces the Schengen visa – one of the most secure entry-visas - for multiple EU member states, the EU residence permit as a contactless chip card with photo and fingerprint, as well as various different visas for many third countries.

In compliance with the latest EU regulations, OSD developed the visible digital seal, which secures the information on the visa with PKI infrastructure in form of a code.

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