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Robust and secure: Modern identity cards

One's identity is as unique and personal as a fingerprint. To protect this uniqueness, special identity documents are needed to ensure the best possible safeguarding of personal data associated with the identity. The identity card is one such document, combining the highest security with a practical format. Known as an 'ID-card,' it is also recognised internationally as travel document within EU member states, serving as a compact identity document with widespread popularity and many use cases.

The Austrian Identity Card

Personalausweis SicherheitsmerkmalSince 2021, the Austrian ID card has been issued in a new design that conveys the nationality of Austrians at first glance. For example, the Austrian flag waves in the wind when the card is being tilted. On the back of the card the inscription "Ostarrichi" represents the first documented mention of Austria in the year 996.

The new ID card also comes with a range of new security features for the best possible protection of identity, such as the EU-compliant chip containing fingerprints and the OSD Biometric Barcode containing the photo of the holder. In addition, a high-quality UV image, the MLI or the transparent window with thermochromic colour that the personal identity is protected on an analogue and digital level.

OSD Biometric Barcode as a digital protective shield

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The OSD biometric barcode ("QR code") on the back of the ID card is a special feature. The name, the photo and the "MRZ" (Machine Readable Zone) are stored in the QR code. The personalised identity data is contained within the anti-counterfeit special QR code, protected by PKI and is prepared for post-quantum security. This QR code can be checked securely, quickly and easily using a free-of-charge smartphone app specially developed by Youniqx Identity AG, our in-house software company - Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH.


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