ID Authentication

IDA – ID Authentication by OSD

Handy Screen mit CHECK-AT App iOS EnglischThe “Identity Authentication” app, IDA, is an easy tool to check ID documents digitally via smartphone. Compatible ID documents include a digitally signed QR code that contains the personal data of the ID card holder and matches to the personal data of the physical document.

How IDA works

  • The QR code is digitally signed
  • The app explains security features
  • Works online and offline


The QR code contains the biometric link between document and its holder IDA offers an easy and quick way to check ID documents in situations where identity fraud is common or where quick assurance is needed. Additionally, the photo is retrieved from the QR code and can be compared to the printed photo and to the ID card holder.

An easy biometric check

IDA helps citizens to learn about the most important security features via an easy step-by-step guide within the app. Explore how IDA works in the video from the Austrian implementation "CHECK-AT":

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