The OSD Data Protection Advisory Board

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Supervisory authority for data protection

The members of the Austrian State Printing House's Data Protection Advisory Board are high-ranking public administration figures from a wide range of regional authorities and federal states. The Data Protection Advisory Board acts as an additional supervisory body for compliance with data protection at the Austrian State Printing House and at the same time provides its expertise for future developments in this area. The tasks of the Advisory Board are in particular

  • Ongoing monitoring of compliance with data protection mechanisms already in place and making recommendations in this regard to the Austrian State Printing Office and the Federal Ministry of the Interior
  • Assessing and evaluating existing data protection mechanisms and proposing improvements to them; developing and proposing additional data protection strategies and mechanisms

Members of the Data Protection Advisory Board of the Austrian State Printing House


President of the Senate of the VwGH (retired)
Hon. Prof. Dr. Elmar Puck
Deputy Legal Protection Officer of the judiciary

Deputy Chairman

WHR Dr. Heinz Zimper
District Governor Baden


Dr. Christine Bachofner
Vienna City Council

Mag. Wolfgang Ebner
Head of Department BMDW

MR Walter Grosinger
Group leader at BM.I

Dr. Heinz Pansi
District Governor Hermagor

Dr. Eduard Pesendorfer
Director of the Provincial Office of Upper Austria