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Our promise as an employer

In today's digital world, our work material consists not only of paper, but also of bits and bytes. We are constantly developing our products together and breaking new ground together. Whether with high-security paper or using a hash algorithm – we ensure comprehensive protection of identity.

We have been managing identities in a highly secure manner for more than 200 years – and will continue to do so in the digital future. In addition to our promise to our customers, we also make a promise to our employees:

Expect more!
More appreciation.
More team spirit.

As an employer, it is important to us that our employees are well. We do a lot for that.

Our work together is characterized by strong team spirit and warm cooperation.

Our employees are curious and ready to explore new paths with us.

Their know-how and enthusiasm enable us to continually develop new products and thus operate successfully on the national and international markets.

Our leadership culture

We manage identities securely - for over 200 years and in the digital future. To achieve this, we rely on our most important corporate values:


We have the necessary expertise to reliably deliver the best quality for our customers.


Our customers rely on products and services made by OSD. This also includes the secure handling of highly sensitive and personal data.


We create future success by constantly developing innovative solutions for our customers.

We are moving our company forward together. This is also reflected in our management culture. Managers in the OSD receive appropriate further training in seminars and retreats to enable them to lead their teams and departments efficiently and purposefully. The further development of individual employees is valued just as much as the further development of our managers.

Our SCARF management principles

SCARF is a management and communication approach that is practiced at the Austrian State Printing House. We all want to move towards the reward and away from the threat, which is exactly where SCARF comes in.

Each of these five letters of SCARF stands for a specific need:

S = Status: The feeling of being important to the company

C = Certainty: Clarity about what will happen

A = Autonomy: The opportunity to organize work more freely and contribute ideas

R = Relatedness / belonging: The feeling of belonging to a group

F = Fairness: The feeling of being treated fairly and justly

With the help of this model, we all want to align our interpersonal communication and behavior with these needs and try to achieve rewards and avoid threats.

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