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Benefits for our employees

Training and further education

Training, workshops, seminars and conferences

Covering meal costs

We support our employees by covering a part of the costs for meals. At our headquarter, we offer daily fresh meals (warm and cold) for our employees.

Flexible working hours

Flexible working time models are available to our employees depending on the area, e.g. flexitime and part-time work

Promoting team spirit

  • Team training
  • Provision of platforms for the exchange of information
  • Agile working according to SCRUM or Kanban
  • Working in cross-functional teams

Leading in the OSD

  • Management seminars
  • Exams
  • Management reviews
  • Coaching
  • 360° feedback
  • Practiced management culture according to SCARF
  • Regulars' table for managers

Health and fitness

In order to master current and future challenges, healthy, motivated and high-performing employees are of the utmost importance to us. Our strategy for this is called "workplace health promotion"!

  • Preventive check-ups and vaccination campaigns
  • Our company doctor is in the building twice a month
  • Free fruit twice a week
  • Health workshops
  • Smoking cessation seminar
  • Free access to the fitness area of the Wienerberg Golf Club
  • One-off promotion of existing memberships
  • Discounts at various fitness centers
  • Participation in the Business Run
  • Ice hockey tournaments
  • Soccer tournaments
  • Office workout

Employees Events

Every year, OSD organizes a company outing and a Christmas party under the motto "Celebrating success", because special experiences connect people and remain in their memories.

Employees Foundation

The OSD Employee Foundation was officially established on March 23, 2012. The Employee Foundation holds 4.9 percent of the dividend-bearing shares in Österreichische Staatsdruckerei Holding AG. OSD employees participate directly in the company's success through this foundation. "We see this as motivation for the future as well as additional recognition of the achievements of all employees in recent years," explained Robert Schächter, CEO of the holding company. "Without the professionalism and commitment of our colleagues, our globally recognized level of quality in a sensitive area such as security printing would be inconceivable. Many of Staatsdruckerei's innovations come from within the company, and we are working to ensure that this remains the case in the future."


Information day for children of OSD employees

The information day for children is intended to provide an opportunity to get to know the parents' workplace and is scheduled to take place on kindergarten or school-free days, e.g. the Tuesday after Easter or Whitsun, in order to relieve parents of the burden of childcare.

Kids Camp

OeSD and the OeSD works council want to enable employees to combine family and career during the vacation period. The organizer Feriensportschule organizes a kids camp for the children of OeSD employees on behalf of the OeSD.


  • Sponsors & Mentor Program
  • Structured onboarding process

Compatibility of career and family

  • Dad days: Three days off for fathers immediately after the birth of a child
  • Paternity leave
  • Partial retirement
  • Employment opportunities even during parental leave
  • Educational leave
  • Home office possible if required

Benefits and allowances

Numerous favorable purchasing conditions through cooperation with retailers

  • DIY store
  • Car dealership and workshop
  • Pharmacy
  • Perfumery goods