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"If something doesn't go right first time, we all learn from it and do better next time. I not only find this motivating, but it also means we are constantly improving our quality."


Graphic designer

"We are constantly developing ourselves and our products. Every product is unique and has its own exciting requirements."


IT Infrastructure Specialist

"We discuss new ideas openly and give them a chance. This applies not only to your own specialist area, but also beyond. On my initiative, I was able to set up my own health initiative in the company together with colleagues."


Shift supervisor passport production

"Through our work, we protect the identity of millions of citizens. I am really proud of what we are achieving together."


Finishing & stamping assistant

"I think it's great that my concerns are heard. My boss always has an open ear for me."


Auditing employee

"There is more to our high-security passports than meets the eye. I find it really exciting that I can contribute to ensuring safety in Austria and abroad with my work."


Software Developer

"I like how innovative and modern we are in the company. This applies to our work equipment as well as our working methods and products."


Head of Business Technology & Information Assurance

"It is important to me that employees feel comfortable in their day-to-day work. We also do a lot within the company to achieve this and are committed to finding joint solutions."