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Tailored solutions for all requirements

OSDs detailed understanding of public administrations special needs and processes helps us in developing tailor-made identity solutions for our customers, coming mainly from the public sector.

We see ourselves not only as advisor to public authorities and governments but also as their reliable partner – thinking ahead, acting proactively and assuming responsibility. OSD doesn’t try to impose its approach on governments – our solutions fit any national requirements.

Data capture everywhere

The enrolment module is based on an integrated and modular architecture non dependant on specific hardware. This makes it easy to add and adapt system components.

In addition to demographic data, enrolment can capture faces with real-time quality analysis and compliance testing against ICAO requirements. Biometric fingerprints are enrolled either in slap scanning mode (4-4-2) or in solo mode (single finger) and analysed according to the NIST standard. Iris capture is one of the additional modules and also is carried out with real-time quality analysis. The applicant’s signature is captured on a pad. The system also supports the scanning of documents that provide historical proof of identity to satisfy ICAO’s requirement for a traceable “Evidence of Identity” record.

Tailored solutions for all requirements

Mitarbeiter ZeitrafferThe heart of personalisation by the Austrian State Printing House is the specially developed personalisation software PIA - Personalisation In Action: It enables the issuance of all ICAO documents, whether card, visa or passport by means of inkjet printing or laser engraving. PIA is modular and contains all aspects of issuance in its full scope, such as data management, vetting, AFIS/ABIS check, pre-perso, issuance, and quality assurance.

For decades, the Austrian State Printing House has enjoyed the trust of the Austrian Government for whom it personalises all government issued documents within its own premises in Vienna. This expertise is also available to customers abroad. We have already set-up multiple personalisation centres on almost all continents for our clients, where they can issue their own documents in full compliance with ICAO specifications.

For some smaller issuers we offer the service of personalisation in our premises in Vienna and ship the final document for issuance in a secure and traceable way to the organisations headquarter. We personalise in Vienna for example the laissez-passer for the European Union, for the African Development Bank, for Caribbean Common Market, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development among others.

Fully automated quality control and shipping

The personalisation service includes complete quality control of the personalised documents and chip personalisation. Both manual controls and fully automated tests are carried out. In this way, we combine our employees' many years of experience in the field of document personalisation with the advantages of fully automated control. This ensures the highest possible quality and guarantees compliance with all quality tolerances.

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