Our Total Security Concept can be best described as an “all inclusive” approach where every part of the company, every sub-process and every internal and external interface is examined from a security perspective.

The three most important production principles in our Total Security Concept are “redundancy”, “control” and “physical separation”. In a modern society an interruption of supply of identity documents is unthinkable. It is our responsibility to avoid any process interruption under any circumstance. Therefore for every necessary facility we established a parallel structure – guaranteeing an interruption-free production. This approach is supported by a tight control system. OeSD established a 24/7 internal control and surveillance service, which is complemented by external control authorities.

In order to establish the most secure and unimpeded environment for our production and data processing all relevant facilities on our premises are structurally separated from the administration. This means that there is neither an online nor an offline linking between them. Our production and data processing facilities have an independent infrastructure (e.g. fire protection, air conditioning system, power supply system, network etc.)

As part of a nation’s critical infrastructure OeSD is regularly audited by state authorities. E.g. the state control service of the Austrian Ministry of the Interior regularly visits and audits our premises with regards to the manufacturing and personalization of the Austrian ID documents.
All facilities follow the latest in security practices and techniques. OeSD has the most important security-related certifications which include “Certified Security Printer” and “Certificate of Security Clearance”
As the first security printing house worldwide, OeSD was awarded the highest possible rating of “High Security Printer” by International Confederation for Printing and Allied Industries (Intergraf). Annual audits guarantee full and complete compliance with regulations concerning all security-related processes and appropriate equipment and maintenance of all relevant facilities.
OeSD had been classified according to the regulations for EU information classified up to and including “SECRET” in accordance with EU security requirements and its responsible representatives had been briefed accordingly
OQS – Austrian Association for the Certification of Quality and Management Systems awarded OeSD for its implementation and further improvement of an effective quality management system pursuant to the requirements of OeNORM ISO 9001:2008.