Our customers (mainly government ministries, agencies) have unique requirements. So we tailor our solutions to be able to precisely meet every one of the data security and identity challenges they give us.

We aim for excellence in the integrity and confidentiality of assets and data belonging to OeSD and our clients, and achieve this by executing a complete and strict security policy. We have plans in place to deal with external events and to ensure as far as possible the continuity of our operations for the benefit of our clients and to prevent – in any case – any possible disruption.

In our Total Security Concept, all physical and logical aspects of security from the design phase onwards are being incorporated. Thanks to our relentless pursuit of digital security, OeSD is today an internationally recognized partner for the management of identity management projects.

Data protection plays an integral part of our Total Security Concept. E.g. OeSD established a comprehensive system for the definitive physical and electronic destruction of any personal data once it had been processed for the manufacturing of ID documents.

At last our document distribution processes not only follow state-of-the-art security standards – they of course can be tailored to each client’s specific procedures. We can guarantee delivery tracking and traceability whether for individual mailing or batch delivery to places of issuance.