OeSD has proven competences and experience in developing, deploying and implementing document personalization services for the issuance of ePassports, eID cards, eResidence Permits, eVisas, driver’s licences and electronic vehicle registration certificates in smart card format. OeSD is a trusted partner and advisor of governments on four continents.

OeSD is prepared to individually adapt its personalization approach to its clients’ eGovernment strategy (concerning enrolment, data transfer, distribution, centralized or decentralized issuance). OeSD’s eGovernment unit advises its clients in all three core activities:

  • Workflow Management
  • Document Personalization Management
    • data preparation,
    • machine interfacing
    • document personalization and
    • quality control
  • Key Management
    • Key management handles all issues concerning data preparation, personalization and quality assurance in order to produce security documents safely.