One’s own identity is as unique and personal as a fingerprint. To protect this uniqueness, special identity documents are needed to ensure the best possible protection of personal identity. The identity card is such a document and combines maximum security with a practical format.

The Austrian identity card presents itself in a completely renewed design that conveys the nationality of its owner at first glance. For example, the Austrian flag is incorporated several times into individual security features of the document. On the reverse side, the words “Ostaricchi” adorn the ID card, indicating the first historically documented mention of Austria.

However, the new ID card does not only present itself in an all-around renewed design. It comes with a number of new security features for the best possible protection of identity, such as a chip for biometric data and a QR code. In addition, security features such as high-quality UV printing or the laser tilt image ensure that personal identity is protected at both the analog and digital levels.


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The QR code on the back of the ID card is a special feature. The QR code stores the name, the photo depicted on the ID card and the “MRZ” (Machine Readable Zone). The content of the QR code is unique and linked to the person to whom the ID card is issued. This QR code can be checked securely, quickly and easily using a smartphone app specially developed by the Austrian State Printing House.

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