Security paper must offer protection against counterfeiting and remain stable even under extreme loads. Watermark and security thread are already in the paper and are the most common security features. On the surface embossing and holograms can be applied.
The synthetic fibers are coloured, which can occur in daylight both visible and invisible, and also react intensely fluorescent under UV radiation.
These colors look like normal colors in daylight. However, they fluoresce under ultraviolet light. When using paper with optical brighteners can vary the color impression of safety colors. Thus, the printed area appears in a different hue.
Optical variable ink is the most complicated intervention-type anti-forgery ink. Seen from the front or lateral side  under sunlight, the ink glows two different colors varying with the viewing angle, characterized by intense optical variation and sharp color changes. It can’t be duplicated by high resolution scanner, color copying machine and other devices.
Guilloches are printed security lines – the layout of intersections and geometry ara unique. Guilloches are created from two or more indicated and overlapping lines.
Is a method of the grid point to make arbitrary
When printing multiple rainbows, running into each other colors are printed simultaneously. This creates a unique, non reprodizierbares print. The printing is done exclusively in euros scale. The rainbow is a pressure-consuming and expensive printing process.
The micro-printing is a printed or embossed in a font size of the font height less than 0.3 millimeters in height, which can usually only be seen with a magnifying glass. It can be made only with modern artwork and printing techniques, and serves primarily as a security feature pressure sensitive plants.
As a bar code, bar code or bar code, an opto-electronically readable font is called, which consists of various widths, parallel bars and spaces. The term code is not case for encryption, but for mapping the data into binary symbols.
The respective individual number will be printed by means of freely adjustable number letterpress work. This number will be cut out using a diode laser as a dot matrix of the paper pages.
Engraving is done with pulsed lasers, which are deflected by the mirror scanner. It is both vector and raster-oriented controlled engraving usual. The engraving is not always accompanied by a color change is visible at least as a contrast of different surface structures.
Holograms are areas which, depending on the viewing angle of incident light and show different layouts. An individual or a standard hologram hologram can be permanently stored on the card surface. Holograms cannot be copied since lost the copy of the 3D effect goes.
A kinegram is a proprietary technology to protect against counterfeiting of bank notes, metal bars, passports, visas and identity cards. Unlike a hologram, the three-dimensional elements has to provide the most silvery kinegrams a two-dimensional motion dar.
These are the sense of touch in question, haptic elements. Haptic perception is defined as the active sensing of size, shape, surface texture, weight, etc. of an object by integrating all the skin senses and proprioception.
Is a computer chip that is protected by special physical and logical precautions against the unauthorized reading or falsification of data.