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17. März 2020

Current supply of Austrian passport & driving license guaranteed

As a high-security company, we are used to making many people’s daily lives safer with our work. Now it’s also a matter of providing for safety together – namely our common health safety.

As a reaction to the coronavirus, we have already developed a series of preventative and protective measures proactively. We have continuously integrated the further instructions of the Austrian government published over the past few days into the catalogue of measures.

A part of our preventative measures has already been in effect since the middle of last week and all further protective measures are applicable from the beginning of the current working week (CW 12).

The most important measures at a glance

With these measures, we want to ensure the two most important points:

  • the protection of all OeSD employees and their families’ personal health
  • the maintenance of all critical production processes and the guarantee of a basis operability while simultaneously observing all preventative and protective measures

In order to protect the personal health of all employees as best as possible, we already implemented a company-wide communication initiative last week about personal dealings with each other (avoiding shaking hands, correct hand washing as a protective measure, “proper” sneezing).

In addition, further disinfection dispensers were immediately installed at neuralgic points across the company. A number of other accompanying measures, such as the fixed booking of working hours in larger departments to avoid accumulations at the electronic time clock or the close of central break and smoking rooms, should further increase the effectiveness of the protective measures.

In all departments where it can be implemented in terms of work and safety, work is already being carried out from the home office.

Redundant safety during manufacturing and personalisation

Alongside these measures to protect the health of our employees, we have also implemented organisational measures to guarantee the manufacturing and personalisation of high-security documentation such as Austrian passports, driving licences etc.

All of our employees from production-related departments were assigned to either Team RED or Team BLUE.

  • Team BLUE will only work in even calendar weeks and will have the following weeks off
  • Team RED will only work in odd calendar weeks and will have the following weeks off

All team members are instructed to avoid any contact with the other team by all means.

Incoming inquiries are processed

In this way, we achieve redundant safety in the manufacturing and personalisation of Austrian high-security documents and can currently continue to process all incoming inquiries as usual. Together with all the accompanying measures, we consider ourselves well-equipped to guarantee currently the security of supply in the manufacturing and personalisation of Austrian high-security documentation.

All this is only made possible by our OeSD employees’ extraordinary commitment and professional handling of this serious situation.

A heartfelt THANK YOU for this!