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23. Januar 2018

OeSD sets reliable standards for digital identity

On 17 January 2018 the Austrian State Printing House (OeSD) proudly received the “Living Standards Award” for the successful, standards-based development and implementation of My Identity App (MIA). MIA is an innovative solution that allows citizens to securely access their digital ID documents as well as electronic Identity (eID) around the world via the smartphone. In contrast to other “wallet solutions” MIA does not store any documents or personal details on the smartphone. The identity information remains in an existing, reliable database and can only be accessed upon explicit approval by the person being checked through an encrypted internet connection.

As Lukas Praml – OeSD’s CEO – points out, “OeSD’s experts incorporated this ‘security (ensured) by process approach’ in international standardization. Standardization is crucial in this context since digitized documents like driving licences or vehicle registrations which MIA makes available via our smartphones have to be readable across borders. For this reason OeSD contributes to standardisation efforts.

The Austrian Council of Ministers recently endorsed its new online platform “österreich.gv.at”, a centralised service platform which will enable transactions with public authorities via smartphone. According to Lukas Praml, this new platform as well as the creation of digital identities are important contributions to a streamlined citizen service in the age of digitization.


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About Austrian Standards

Since 1920 Austrian Standards has been acting as an independent and neutral platform which ensures the transparent development of standards. It enables thousands of Austrian experts to set international standards based on their innovative ideas. In Austria these standards trigger additional innovative business activity amounting to approximately 2.5 billion Euro. Four of OeSD’s employees are nominated experts of the Austrian Standards Institute. They contribute to ePassport, visa, ID-card and Identity Management standardization.

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