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31. Dezember 2019

Moving into a secure future – Production of Austrian passport, driving license and more remaining at OeSD

Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH (OeSD) expressly welcomes the decision to award the contract, tendered throughout Europe, for Austrian ID documents to OeSD. „Nothing is more worth protecting than one’s own identity. With this decision, Austrians know that their identity will continue to be completely protected by the recognised expertise of OeSD in the future“, OeSD CEO Lukas Praml says, delighted at the news.

Passports, driving licences and co. will continue to come from Austria
With the awarding of the contract to OeSD, the entire production and personalisation of Austrian ID documents and passports will continue to take place in the high-security area of the Staatsdruckerei [state printing office] in Vienna. „Citizens’ sensitive information already remains securely in Austria at all times during production. This will continue to be the case“, Praml emphasizes. Not only Austria’s security benefits from this decision; so too does its status as a domestic business location. With innovative solutions for the analogue and digital high-security market, the Staatsdruckerei will continue to ensure Austrian value creation in the future. „This is a clear impulse for Austria as a business location. At the start of the new year, this is also a very positive news for our outstanding employees“, Praml affirms.

Nationally and internationally recognised quality strategy
The OeSD CEO sees the award of this contract as clear confirmation of the quality and digitalisation strategy pursued. „We are delighted to be able to continue to meet the Austrians‘ usual high quality standards“, Praml says. OeSD was also able to expand its position as an innovative quality provider on the international market and significantly increase its export share.

Secure future with digital identity
With the digital subsidiary youniqx Identity AG, OeSD also enjoyed international success. A milestone is the contract for the introduction of MIA („MyIdentityApp“) in Liechtenstein. Based on the MIA platform developed in-house, a tailor-made eID solution was created, with which the citizens of Liechtenstein will be able to deal with administrative procedures in digital form. Together with the other digital services (video identity verification „MICK“ and Blockchain security solution „chainlock“), Praml considers itself to be ideally positioned: „Digital identity is reality for us. Today, we successfully provide answers to the questions of persons, companies and states on digital identity in the 21st century“.

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