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30. April 2020

Austrian State Printing House implements electronic ID for Liechtenstein

“There has been a lot of talk about electronic identity in recent years. Today, we are making electronic identity a reality for the citizens of a European partner country for the second time” says a delighted Lukas Praml, Managing Director of Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH (OSD). With today’s launch of the eID app, the Principality of Liechtenstein has followed the Republic of Kosovo in opting for the eID platform “MIA” (My Identity App) developed in-house at the State Printing House.

Easy access to official services via the app

With immediate effect, the new eID app under the name “eID.li” is available to all Liechtenstein citizens as well as people working in the principality for free download in the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android). Following successful registration, users can use “eID.li” to access the administration services of the Liechtenstein authorities conveniently and securely with their smartphone or laptop. “The Principality of Liechtenstein has opted for a secure and modern smartphone solution. This enables all users to have their own secure and easy-to-use digital identity”, explains Mr. Praml.

eID.li on smartphone

eID.li – Secure access to multiple administration services

Pioneer in international eID projects

The contract for a Liechtenstein eID was awarded to European Trust Service GmbH, a joint venture of Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH and CRYPTAS International GmbH. “eID.li” was developed by the in-house OSD digital subsidiary youniqx Identity AG, which has established itself as an international pioneer for secure eID solutions. The CRYPTAS team is responsible for the development of the central eID integration platform of the Principality.

Rapid implementation thanks to MIA platform

Like the launch of the world’s first digital driver’s license on a smartphone in the Republic of Kosovo, “eID.li” is also based on the “MIA” platform developed in-house. Based on this, the Liechtenstein eID app “eID.li” was able to be adapted to individual customer requirements and efficiently implemented with a development time of just a few months. “Our leading international expertise in the field of secure eIDs guarantees that we can implement solutions quickly and securely”; Mr. Praml is convinced of the benefits.

Forward-looking development facilitates extensions

The underlying “MIA” platform was developed from the outset in such a way that, if desired, official ID documents can also be made available securely in digital form on your own smartphone. In addition to the existing possibility of secure authentication via smartphone, “eID.li” also provides the technical basis for an extension to digital ID cards. In order to guarantee the highest level of security for such sensitive personal data at all times, the company worked closely with Nok Nok Labs, a market leader in secure authentication.

In compliance with EU regulation

In addition to its secure technical foundation, the “MIA” platform complies with applicable EU directives. This means that “MIA” is EU-ready and can be used across the EU in the future within the framework of the eIDAS regulation. The cooperation with CRYPTAS and its trust centre PrimeSign has ensured the expandability of the “MIA” platform with helpful value-added functions such as electronic signatures. “With MIA, we offer a functioning, secure and comprehensive eID solution on the smartphone, which we can quickly make available to citizens of other countries”, explains Mr. Praml in sum.

Award for technological leadership
Login with eID.li

Secure and easy Login with eID.li

The innovative, highly secure identity app underlines the internationally renowned know-how of youniqx Identity in its specialist sector. The digital subsidiary of the State Printing Office had only recently become responsible for the technical basis of the “Restart.ID” concept, which could combine a secure proof of identity with a current corona immunity proof in one app. The technological leadership of the Austrian State Printing Office in the digital sector was recently recognised by the Austrian Blockchain Award with a nomination for the company’s highly secure private key solution “chainlock”.

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