Today’s state-of-the-art passports are high-security passports with integrated chip technology – so called ePassports (sometimes also known as biometric passports). Made by OeSD, they comply with all requirements and security standards of the European Union and the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), a U.N. sub-organization. OeSD ePassports can incorporate biometric content such as facial image and fingerprint data. The information ... Read More

ID Documents

More and more governments are now modernising their national identification programmes in an effort to strengthen national security, to combat identity theft and fraud, to control immigration efficiently, to deliver public services more conveniently, and to protect citizens from organized crime and terrorism.


MIA wins Prize in Competition on Innovations for Africa1. July 2019MIA nominated for Identity Innovation Award21. March 2018OeSD sets reliable standards for digital identity23. January 2018MY IDENTITY APP – MIA16. January 2018 ID Documents Identity Management High Security SolutionsCertificates


OeSD has been researching, developing and producing security and ID documents since 1804. Building on this unique experience OeSD today mostly offers products in the context of holistic ID management solutions. ID Documents ePassport Identity Card Driver’s Licence eVehicle Registration Card Visas/Resident Permits Identity Management Personalisation Public Administration Cyber Security High Security Products Stamps Gift Certificates Further High Security Products