Digital Security

Our customers (mainly government ministries, agencies) have unique requirements. So we tailor our solutions to be able to precisely meet every one of the data security and identity challenges they give us. We aim for excellence in the integrity and confidentiality of assets and data belonging to OeSD and our clients, and achieve this by executing a complete and strict ... Read More

Total Security

Our Total Security Concept can be best described as an “all inclusive” approach where every part of the company, every sub-process and every internal and external interface is examined from a security perspective. The three most important production principles in our Total Security Concept are “redundancy”, “control” and “physical separation”. In a modern society an interruption of supply of identity ... Read More

High Security Solutions

Data security is paramount for our customers – and so it is for OeSD. It is in the vital interest of our clients, that security (like quality assurance) is not only “part of our business” but also that it forms an integral part of all our internal and external processes. We never lean back when it comes to security – ... Read More

Further High Security Products

Tax labels DThe tax labels produced by OeSD are used primarily in value protection, such as for the sealing of alcoholic beverages and cigarette packs. Tax labels are equipped in strict compliance with all security features required by the customers. Additionally: Pyrotechnist ID cards Firearms Certificates Captain’s Certificates

Gift Certificates

stable value – secure – individual The OeSD develops Gift Certificates incorporating security features that meet the individual needs of its customers and offers, at the same time, an end-to-end service from the conception through to the design and the personalization of security print products.


OeSD has a proven track record when it comes to the printing of stamps. As early as 1850, it produced the first stamps for the Austrian Postal Service. Later on, Austria’s tradition in the field of copper engraving as well as manual artistic intaglio printing led to the production of stamps using the high-quality recess printing process. Austria is among ... Read More

Visas/Resident Permits

An ever increasing number of people are travelling from one country to another, from one continent to the other. Borders are becoming open; air travel is getting extremely popular. The backside of these positive developments is an increase in illegal immigration and terrorists attacks, using identity fraud as a means for these purposes. Biometric visas and electronic residence permits are ... Read More

eVehicle Registration Card

Since January 2011, vehicle registration certificates have also been provided in the handy format of a check card. Thus, the eVehicle Registration Card is not only a convenient alternative for the usual paper-VRC, but also stands out for its security features and high protection against forgery. Austria is one of the pioneers in this field within the EU. Of course, ... Read More

Driver’s Licence

Since March 1, 2006, Austrian driver’s licences have been issued in the handy format of a check-card. Furthermore, the new driver’s licence fulfills the guidelines of the European Union. Specialized Austrian security features such as the security colour effects, the surface texture with microprint and the tilting picture are secure against forgery. The blank driver’s licences are personalised by laser ... Read More

Identity Card

Identity is unique and personal. More and more governments demand stronger identification of citizens. National ID cards therefore are not merely used as travel documents but also as a digital identity credentials. With its in-depth expertise in manufacturing, personalization and the installation of complete systems for ePassport data collection management OeSD is the partner of choice for governmental ID projects. ... Read More