Cyber Security

The most recently established business segment by the OeSD deals with advisory services in the context of cyber security. A modern society is becoming increasingly dependent on information and communications technology in many aspects, whether it is for government services, businesses (utilities, media, telecommunications, entertainment etc.) and for each individual (social networks). This dependence on information and communications technology makes ... Read More

Public Administration

As a result of the constant efforts by governments to modernize the relationship between citizens and public sector authorities more and more administration processes are being integrated into an eGovernment structure. Increasing efficiency, lowering costs and reducing bureaucracy are the common goals of eGovernment initiatives. eID documents and PKI (public key infrastructure) play a vital role therein as governments’ interest ... Read More


OeSD has proven competences and experience in developing, deploying and implementing document personalization services for the issuance of ePassports, eID cards, eResidence Permits, eVisas, driver’s licences and electronic vehicle registration certificates in smart card format. OeSD is a trusted partner and advisor of governments on four continents. OeSD is prepared to individually adapt its personalization approach to its clients’ eGovernment ... Read More

Identity Management

Identity management has become an increasingly essential part of the governments’ business. The challenge of national security, immigration control, efficient boarding and disembarkation procedures and all kinds of state administration from entitlements via tax declarations to vehicle registration certificates all call for secure, robust, convenient and cost-effective identity management solutions. OeSD is responding to these challenges with services & solutions ... Read More

Environmental policy

OeSD is committed to an active <strong>environmental management</strong>. For OeSD, compliance with all environmental legislation and restrictions goes without saying and is a major prerequisite for safeguarding the company’s survival and the jobs it provides. OeSD puts great emphasis on <strong>environmentally friendly solutions</strong>. These start already with planning the individual products and are characterised by the considerate use of resources ... Read More

Quality-Management by OeSD

The Quality and Security Management of OeSD In order to meet our clients’ strict requirements regarding reliability, stability, soundness, quality and security, our prime objective is to make the highest possible quality and security in the company our standard. As such, it must be continuously challenged and critically scrutinized. OeSD gains the trust of its clients by providing competent advice ... Read More

OeSD Research & Quality Centre

The new OeSD Research & Quality Centre is an interdisciplinary institution focusing on: Quality Assurance Quality Development Security Features Innovations Total Traceability OeSD Research and Quality Centre's four focus areas: Quality Assurance Output Test routine Raw materials audit Semi-finished good revision Final inspection Test reports Definition tolerance values (in accordance with customers) Definition nominal values (according to customer specifications) Security ... Read More

Total Quality

Quality and quality assurance are essential in the field of identification and security printing. OeSD’s customers and citizens who use OeSD ID documents rely on that their ID documents can be authenticated and validated in every corner of the world – fast, easily and smoothly and are forgery-proof to the highest extent possible Therefore quality assurance (like security) forms an ... Read More

High Security Printing

Founded in 1804, OeSD has developed a unique know-how in high security printing. OeSD handle orders for printing or personalization on all types of substrates (paper, polymer, plastic) and formats (card, booklet etc.) for high security documents incorporating a barcode, a magnetic stripe or an electronic chip. As a trusted partner of governments OeSD designs, prints and personalises high security ... Read More

Digital Security

Our customers (mainly government ministries, agencies) have unique requirements. So we tailor our solutions to be able to precisely meet every one of the data security and identity challenges they give us. We aim for excellence in the integrity and confidentiality of assets and data belonging to OeSD and our clients, and achieve this by executing a complete and strict ... Read More