Founded in 1804, OeSD has developed a unique know-how in high security printing. OeSD handle orders for printing or personalization on all types of substrates (paper, polymer, plastic) and formats (card, booklet etc.) for high security documents incorporating a barcode, a magnetic stripe or an electronic chip.

As a trusted partner of governments OeSD designs, prints and personalises high security documents on four continents. Thanks to this international experience, combined with regular exchanges of experience with anti-counterfeiting bodies, OeSD supports fraud combat by developing sustainable and innovative security features.


Security Paper
Chemical Reagents
White light random fibres
UV light random fibres
Security Thread

Security Printing
Indirect Letterpress
Silk Screen Printing
Multi-colour-background printing in perfect register

Security Inks
Optical Variable Ink (OVI)
Invisible Fluorescent Ink
Iridescent Ink

Passport Numbering
Fluorescent Number
Laser perforation incl. “cone effect”

Security Design Features
Micro Lettering
Rainbow Printing
Integrated Page Numbers
Special anti-copy Patterns
Relief Design
Numismatic Background
See-through Register
Latent Image

ePassport data page

Visual Personalization
Inkjet Printing with visible / UV Iinks
Colour Ghost Image
Special UV-reachable ink

Technological Security Features
Transparent Holographic Overlay
Transparent Kinegram Overlay
Changeable Laser Image
Laser Engraving
Tactile Elements
Optically Variable Devices (OVD)

Chip-related Features
Compliance with ICAO and EU standards
Compliance with latest cryptographic standards
Operating systems
Wired Antennas

Mechanical Features
Superior resistance to mechanical, chemical and thermal impact

eID card

Visual Personalization
True greyscale laser engraving
Tactile Personalization Elements

Security Features
Tactile Micro Lettering
Guilloche Printing
Rainbow Printing
Tactile Guilloches
Optically Variable Ink (OVI)
Optically Variable Devices (OVD)
Shadow Image