New Generation of Austrian Passports launch on Dec 1st

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Innenminister Karner und Generaldirektor Lackner bei Reisepassvorstellung

“The new Austrian passport is a modern and contemporary document for the people of Austria. The option to apply in nearly 900 municipalities and district administrative offices across Austria ensures citizen-friendly service,” said Interior Minister Gerhard Karner during the presentation on November 24, 2023, at the Ministry of the Interior. “Thanks to the close collaboration between the Austrian State Printing … Read More

Digital age verification successfully launched in Austria

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Digitaler Altersnachweis Headerbild 1

On Monday, September 11th, the latest addition to the Austrian “eAusweise” wallet (digital ID wallet) has officially started: the digital age verification has been launched and is now officially recognized in Austria as the official proof of one’s age. Florian Tursky, State Secretary for Digitalization, introduced the new digital ID during a press conference on Monday, stating, “Until now, physical … Read More

Milestone: More than 300,000 active digital driving licences in Austria

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Header mobile driving licence Austria

Digitalization in Austria has achieved another significant milestone. Approximately six months after its official launch, Florian Tursky, State Secretary for Digitalization and Broadband Expansion, announced that over 300,000 digital driving licenses have been successfully activated in Austria. This ongoing popularity underscores the acceptance and further potential for secure, innovative, and user-friendly digital identity applications. Launch in October 2022 The launch … Read More

Republic of Ghana Launches Nationwide Healthcare Digital App by OSD

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MyNHIS App Ghana Header

At the end of 2022, the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) of the Republic of Ghana launched Austrian State Printing Houses’ (OSD) “Shelter” solution as “MyNHIS” application for all citizens of Ghana. Offering a simple way to access the national healthcare insurance scheme (“NHIS”), the “MyNHIS” app is considered a significant improvement for general health coverage across the nation. “We … Read More

German bank officially offering customers personal Bitcoin cold wallet from Austrian State Printing House

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Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Bitcoin cold wallet BitcoinGoCard

Even the global COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years has not stopped the continued interest in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is increasingly becoming an investment object for many small investors. So far, the step into the crypto world has not been easy for these small investors, mainly because of the high technical requirements and also the protection of their own crypto … Read More

Starting in April: New Emergency Passport & Passport launched with new security feature

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Header Notpass

In April there are two innovations in the Austrian passport family: the emergency passport has a completely revised design including a new cover. The passport gets a new, additional security feature called “laser image perforation”. Emergency passport: Available in case of an emergency If your personal passport or identity card is lost, stolen or can no longer be used, then … Read More

OeSD receives internationally recognized ISO/IEC 27701 certificate

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ISO 27701 Certificate OSD

For the Austrian State Printing House (OeSD) and its digital subsidiary youniqx Identity AG, the protection of information and personal data always comes first. In the high-security industry in particular, however, the principle applies: Trust is good, control is better. All requirements met For this reason, at the end of 2021, in addition to the re-certification of its existing information … Read More

Consistently since 2009: OeSD recognized as a “family-friendly employer”

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Header Guetesiegel Familienfreundlicher Arbeitgeber

Since 2009, the Austrian State Printing House (OSD) has consistently focused on the best possible work-life balance for all employees. “To find out just how important this topic is, a short conversation with parents or people who are currently providing care for their loved ones is often enough,” emphasizes OSD Managing Director Helmut Lackner. Finding balance between family and work … Read More

New Austrian ID card and CHECK-AT app presented

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“Modern and forgery-proof identity cards are a crucial basis for a functioning security infrastructure,” said Dr. Franz Ruf, Director General for Public Security at the Federal Ministry of the Interior of Austria, at the presentation of the new Austrian identity card and the “CHECK-AT” app on July 30, 2021 in Vienna. The ID card was developed in close cooperation with … Read More

Successful 1st anniversary: “” makes electronic identity a reality

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eID App on smartphone

A little over a year ago, the digital identity of the Principality of Liechtenstein went live under the name “”. Since its launch, the Principality’s new digital identity has been writing its own digital success story. “With, it’s the second time that we made an electronic identity become reality for the citizens of a European partner country”, emphasises Lukas … Read More