Digital age verification successfully launched in Austria

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On Monday, September 11th, the latest addition to the Austrian “eAusweise” wallet (digital ID wallet) has officially started: the digital age verification has been launched and is now officially recognized in Austria as the official proof of one’s age. Florian Tursky, State Secretary for Digitalization, introduced the new digital ID during a press conference on Monday, stating, “Until now, physical … Read More

Austria: Mobile driving licence successfully launched

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On Wednesday, 19 October, Florian Tursky, State Secretary for Digitisation and Broadband Expansion, and Gerhard Karner, Federal Minister of the Interior, officially presented the digital driving licence for the Republic of Austria at a press conference. Specifically, the apps “eAusweise” and “eAusweise Check” for the Android and iOS operating systems were presented. Both apps were designed and developed by youniqx … Read More

Austrian State Printing House wins contract for the Principality of Andorra’s e-passport

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The Austrian State Printing House (OSD) has been awarded the contract for the production of the new biometric security passport for the Principality of Andorra together with its partner company Pangea. The Vienna-based high-security company OSD will also implement a fully comprehensive ID management solution that includes citizen enrolment, personalization of security documents and a public key infrastructure, all of … Read More

OeSD sets reliable standards for digital identity

Maria ZachAllgemein @en

On 17 January 2018 the Austrian State Printing House (OeSD) proudly received the “Living Standards Award” for the successful, standards-based development and implementation of My Identity App (MIA). MIA is an innovative solution that allows citizens to securely access their digital ID documents as well as electronic Identity (eID) around the world via the smartphone. In contrast to other “wallet … Read More